All comparisons aside,  one thing is crystal clear; The Pounders create a sound all their own, unique and unmistakable. The combination of driving guitars, punchy drums and careening keyboards serve to punctuate vocal hooks and harmonies.  The Pounders keen sense for crafting memorable songs with click-bang arrangements shows off their Detroit roots and the musical spirit that inspired so many great music artists around the world.  We hope you like it.




The Pounders’ debut CD, “You And What Army”, crackles with energy, depth and emotion.  The lead track, “Merry Go Round” portrays life trying to keep up with the world, while “Paperboy” expresses a more innocent time. The track “Over That” addresses failed relationships we can all relate to, while the darker sounding “Pollyanna” touches raw sentiment.  Additional tracks, like “Miles Away”, “Inside Out”, “Weatherman” and “Dying to Know” tell stories all their own that invite the listener into the music.

 With eleven diverse tracks, “You And What Army” takes you on an emotional journey seen through The Pounders eyes.  Enjoy the ride!

AVAILABLE NOW @ iTunes, CD Baby and other fine music stores!


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